Gordon Fitch gcf at panix.com
Wed May 30 13:34:18 PDT 2001

kelley wrote:
> >no, it is merely used to ignore the fact that no matter how hard people try
> >to behave and think middle class, that capitalism means that not everyone
> >can even be middle class, that poverty is created by capitalism, not by
> >poor schooling or by not knowing how to carry yourself or dress or
> >appreciate fine art.

Wojtek Sokolowski:
> And how exactly does capitalism do it? That is, who tells certain people
> that they should drop out of school, put baggy clothes on, start listening
> to (c)rap musing and doing drugs, and what does he do to enforce it?

Capitalism is a class-war system, so it must and will replicate class differences or it will go out of business. I don't think the particular techniques matter much (although they're sometimes interestingly ingenious); they will change with changing conditions.

> What
> happens to those people who do not want to go with the (capitalist) program
> and go to college and apply for office or academic jobs?

If you have enough of them, you have a situation in which PhDs are working on garbage trucks for the minimum wage. The lesson will not be lost on even the most casual observer.

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