Coalition falling apart? (was: RE: Le Figaro -Ben Laden Met With CIA)

Hakki Alacakaptan nucleus at
Thu Nov 1 00:56:12 PST 2001

You know that's actually a good question. This is a very unusual report for Le Figaro. It's stuff that normally never gets published: Politically explosive, totally unattributed, and totally revealing of the spook-infested territory that journalists navigate. The real shocker for me is not the mentioning of the CIA but just seeing the letters DGSE in a French newspaper - this is really extremely rare. When France's closely controlled press makes a move like this, the Quai d'Orsay is 100% behind it, meaning that the French gov't intends to blow Washington's credibility wide open, meaning that Dubya's coalition is as good as dead.

Blair's public humiliation in Syria is also a kiss of death for the coalition. Pretty soon, the "US against them" rhetoric is going to have to become the "US of A against them".

Hakki Alacakaptan

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