Sociology and explanations

michael pugliese debsian at
Mon Oct 1 10:57:48 PDT 2001

Psychoanalytically informed studies of War Machinists, Nuclearists Dept. see, Steven Kull, Minds At War, " from Basic Books, I think. Also Robert Jay Lifton is good. A Jungian looking book by someone that has contributed to Free Associations, the UK lefty psychology rag, is entitled, "The Political Psyche, " from Routledge. First name of author is Andrew.

On a previous inquiry on brainwashing of Korean War US Army soldiers, see the book from the late 50's by Robert Jay Lifton. "Totalism and Thought Control, W.W. Norton. An Edward Hunter wrote the (CIA or DoD cleared?) book published by Praeger that I've seen cited a bit.

On psychological warfare see a book that William Lear has recommended by Christopher Simpson. "Science of Coercion, " Oxford Univ. Press and the CIA manual for The Contras that was pubished in the mid-80's by Vintage/Random House. Preface by Joanne Omang or Aryeh Neier. Michael Pugliese

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