De Long belongs ...

rws at rws at
Tue Oct 2 19:40:37 PDT 2001

.. wherever he bloody well wants to be. There are things, important things sometimes, about which most can agree with him. There are many (most, perhaps) about which we may not, at which times we may learn the premises and reasoning of hegemonic logic and publicity, and even, gasp, where we're just smugly holding forth without a case as unassailably developed as we thought it was (happens to me a lot, anyway). His list manners are better than most, and his knowledge about a wide range of things is impressive and useful. I'd miss Carl Remick at least as much, mind. Anyway, Brad went of his own accord, so there's an end to it. Grinding on about how his like doesn't belong on leftie lists is just a sad symptom of leftie exclusionism, I reckon. Which always did make me groan in despair, and always will.

Cheers, Rob.

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