De Long belongs ...

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Tue Oct 2 07:52:57 PDT 2001

At 07:40 PM 10/2/01 +0000, Rob wrote:
>.. wherever he bloody well wants to be. There are things, important things
>sometimes, about which most can agree with him. There are many (most,
>about which we may not, at which times we may learn the premises and
>of hegemonic logic and publicity, and even, gasp, where we're just smugly
>holding forth without a case as unassailably developed as we thought it was
>(happens to me a lot, anyway). His list manners are better than most, and
>knowledge about a wide range of things is impressive and useful. I'd miss
>Remick at least as much, mind. Anyway, Brad went of his own accord, so
>an end to it. Grinding on about how his like doesn't belong on leftie
lists is
>just a sad symptom of leftie exclusionism, I reckon. Which always did
make me
>groan in despair, and always will.

I concur. While I did not share some of Brad's view (esp. his comparative analyses, which were somewhat light weight), I was impressed by his civility, brevity of his remarks, and the ability to choose his enemies wisely - the skills yet to be mastered by many self-proclaimed lefties.


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