Dennis dperrin13 at mediaone.net
Tue Oct 2 20:08:53 PDT 2001

> It looks like I'm going to have Christopher Hitchens on my radio show
> this Thursday. Any suggestions for things I should ask?
> Doug

Why the attacks on Chomsky and Zinn and not on Sontag, Amis, Said and Vidal? Especially given that the latter four have made the same linkage that Noam and Howard have to regional conflicts and history (and in Vidal's and Sontag's case, much stronger language).

Does he feel there's a connection between US support for the Saudi regime, and the spread of Wahabbism among radical groups like Bin Laden's and the Taliban? And is it "soft on fascism" to make this connection?

(Or, in other words, if the US had helped to make democratic openings in the Arab world, and stood against tyrants like those in the House of Saud, would groups like Bin Laden's have as much sway as they seem to, and would they have the wherewithal to make such grand attacks?)


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