WWP and working with them.

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at tao.ca
Wed Oct 3 01:58:38 PDT 2001

>Well, Yoshie, I wouldn't brag about such alliances. True, one's political
>options are sometimes limited, especially in times of crisis. But this
>doesn't mean one abandons all perspective when dealing with wannabe nazis
>like the WWP. March with whom you like, but know that your "comrades" would
>sooner see you in a camp than democratically empowered. And what's this bit
>about "precious few" willing "to do anything"? That's not the gist I get
>from the networking I've been doing.


Well, buddy: We certainly disagree. You are ranting the most sectarian crap at a time when it needs to go so, oh, so far away. WWP organised the first big demo in America; wish we had such a beast here. It is the USA that is currently being turned into an armed camp, with all the essential features of fascism and you bang on about your anti-communist fairy tales. I'm as democratic a person as you will find, and at the same time I would very proudly march under this banner.

But now is not the time for that, the banner is about to be banned altogether. The WW folk are on the terrorist list and are the ones from AG Clark often works with. Sounds like if someone actually could see what was going on all around them, they might want to focus their fire somewhere else.

Yoshie: I'm proud to have you as a co-moderator on L-I. The work you are obviously doing so well is going to reap dividends, both online and in Ohio. Now is the first time in my life where Leninism seems fairly appropriate, wouldn't you say?


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