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Refer to Tariq Ali's recent ZNet article, "The Kingdom of Corruption" on Saudi Arabia. Or if that is too "leftist" for Hitch, refer him to Fareed Zakaria's recent Newsweek article "The Allies who gave us our Foes", on the same topic.

Then ask him, why stop at chopping off a tentacle (as Ali puts it)? Why not lop off "the head of the octopus", by calling for the overthrow of the Wahabbite House of Saud? Inject muffled hints of unconscionable "left-right" alliances al la Milosevic.

Converting him into a public advocate for the overthrow ("ending", to use current parlance) of the Saudi state is the least that we can salvage out of this besotted mess.

Meanwhile, Rumsfelds' first pitstop was Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: ``We are not going to be making requests of the Saudi Arabian government. We have a long-standing relationship with them,'' Reuters article at: http://web.realcities.com/content/rc/news/attack/bayarea/1956411659.htm

Now, back to taunting our local Bay area conservative Chronicle columnist, Debra Saunders (what a thankless job she has), over her recent column, "Bin Laden is not Our Frankenstein". Answer: oh yes he is!! Her column was forced to mention (gasp) Chomsky. I smell blood...

-Brad Mayer

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>doug, i'd ask him this: what should the u.s. do? how broad a war should it
>seek to wage?

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