Fw: [ASDnet] On Casey v. Chomsky & Malaria in Sudan

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Thu Oct 4 11:43:41 PDT 2001

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> Here's a possibly relevant side point to the debate over the bombing of
> the pharmaceutical plant in Sudan. A physician friend of mine who is an
> expert in infectious diseases says, "choloroquine doesn't work any more
> in most parts of the world (including Sudan) for P. falciparum, the
> deadliest malarial parasite."
> If the plant was producing it, cholroquine may not have been a major
> life-saver. So its cheapness on the international market may be of
> little help to Sudan. Only a more expensive drug (which the plant
> apparently wasn't producing) may be helpful against the deadlier forms
> of malaria.
> Any other expertise on this question?
> The preceding is a personal opinion. Try not to post more than daily.
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