The view from Moscow

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Thu Oct 4 12:34:38 PDT 2001

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, joanna bujes forwarded:

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> >Friday, September 21, 2001 Blank Check By Chris Floyd
> >
> >as a rubber stamp, nothing more. Dick Cheney has taken charge as
> >"War Minister," as the press approvingly calls him. The new war
> >will be run by the same people who ran the last one: the one against
> >the "terrorist evildoer" who is still in power 10 years later; the
> >evildoer with whom Dick Cheney did $70 million worth of business
> >-- after the war -- as head of Halliburton.

Well, the US is run by a second-rate oiligarchy, sure, but my sense is that Colin Powell is running this administration. I saw a C-span clip with Powell and some official from Turkey pledging support for something or other, and Powell's body-language was 100% In Control. In mass-cultural terms, it was like some demented Voyager spin-off, with Powell as Commander Tuvac, stepping up to the plate after Captain Janeway has been abducted by mutant fluorescent alien slime molds.

-- Dennis

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