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America was born in terrorism. Terrorism is built-in - inherent to our civilization or should I say, it is inherent to our LACK OF being civilized?

Terrorizing people is a methodology used for political gain. The discovery of what is now called America by Columbus began in "blood" and Americans are still "bloodletting". The new Anglo-emigrants to this land from Europe savaged the "savages" with "terrorism" against native Americans. The "Taino Massacre" perpetrated by Columbus and his conquistadors resulted in the annihilation of the Indian population of Hispaniola, which is now Haiti and the Dominican Republic. By 1550 there were perhaps 50,000 left out of several million who lived on the island before the arrival of white men from Europe.

Massacres against natives are part of a horrible history of conquest and terrorism which stands as a terrible American legacy with the massacres of 1864 in Colorado, Montana in 1870, South Dakota in 1890 and right up through the Trail of Tears. These massacres were "terrorism", the wholesale slaughter of unarmed men, women and children.

Terrrorism is horrific violence used to gain a change in policy and achieve a political aim or eliminate whole groups of people. Rarely do the combatants care about how they conduct their war as long as they win it. The laws of Nuremburg are a recent creation and only apply to someone else and never to those who have overwhelming power.

America has been bombing Middle Eastern countries attacking Iraq, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, the Sudan and Afghanistan at various times in a relentless pursuit of domination over oil resources in the Middle East for 30 years. And for over a decade the U.S. has been bombing and carrying out other military operation against Iraq. This bombing is almost daily and it hardly gets mentioned in the media. It is estimated that a million Iraqis have already died because of our sanctions and our war against Iraq and bombing since 1991.

It should come as no surprise why they would attack us with any means available to them? This was their retribution for years of bombing. This didn't happen in a vacumn. We provoked and inflamed their hatred.

We send a couple of cruise missiles to Tripoli and people die. We send cruise missiles to Damascus and innocent people die.

"All wars are wars against civilians and are therefore

inherently immoral." [H Zinn]

Earlier this year, Republican Jesse Helms and Democrat Joseph Lieberman introduced their bill to allocate "another" $100 million to fund "counter-revolutionaries" in cuba. We also fund counter-revolutionary groups who assassinate and bomb through the CIA to 'emigre gusano (worm) terrorists and have done so for forty years.

The U.S. has provided arms to Indonesia which it used to commit genocide against East Timor. The U.S. supported the right wing regimes of El Salvador, Chile, Guatemala, the Contras in Nigaragua. We are all the time promoting and supporting terrorism.

And we guilty of bombing Tripoli to retaliate fo rthe bombing of a discotheque bombing and the discotheque bombing was in retaliation for our bombing of a Libyan patrol boat in the Gulf of Sidra, which killed 35 Libyans. The cycle is endless. With terrorism and retaliations it always is.

If the Taliban mullahs are guilty of harboring bin Laden (who funds terrorism), the the U.S. Congress is also guilty of harboring Helms and Lieberman (who funds terrorism), and the Congress and the president is also guilty of funding terrorism.

The Taliban was financed and armed (1980s) by the Reagan-Bush administration to fight the pro-soviet, pro-Communist Afghans, who just happened to be progressive (compared to the Taliban).

The Taliban is the birth child of the American CIA and Right-wing political establishment and they have turned on their father, the United States with the bloodiest attack on American civilians in American history.

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