China & the WWP Re: Ideological Purity

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Nathan wrote:

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>>I trust Steve's account with regard to the ideological composition of
>>the student movement, etc. As for the WWP's position on the
>>Tiananmen uprising, I'm not sure what it was either, as I only
>>recently got to know the WWP, through the course of my activism
>>against attacks on Yugoslavia.
>This is exactly the problem with the WWP-style "anti-war left"- murder and
>war is okay if the victims have the "wrong" ideological composition. It's
>just Kissinger principles in reverse.

Well, given your support for the NATO bombings of Yugoslavia, public policy of assassination, etc., I thought you considered war and murder to be "OK if the victims have the 'wrong' ideological composition."

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>>The progressive goal has to be to focus that military response narrowly on
>>those responsible, a sentiment that has widespread support with the public,
>>who have been heard repeatedly to say they want blood, but the right blood.
>-You mean assassination, or "targeted killing" in the media parlance
>-of the moment about Israel & Palestinians? I'm opposed to reversing
>-executive orders & legalizing it again, though I'd expect that in the
>-coming weeks & months more would advocate such a course of action.
>Secret assassination has a problem, since it's disallows democratic
>accountability. But I have no conception of why progressives should be
>opposed to public assassination, unless they are complete pacificists.
>Killing the leader of an enemy nation or organization seems infinitely
>preferable to killing drafted soldiers or many civilians. In many cases,
>assassination may be ineffective, but that is a separate issue from the
>moral concern.
>-- Nathan Newman


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