kelley kwalker2 at gte.net
Sat Oct 6 08:20:28 PDT 2001

At 10:59 AM 10/6/01 -0400, Dennis wrote:
> > I don't charge you with xenophobia. What we are talking about here
> > is indeed a matter of nuances and rhetorical slips. Be careful with
> > your rhetoric. If you don't think that armed struggles against the
> > Chinese state by all peoples are necessary, it is inadvisable to call
> > it "fascist."
> >
> > Yoshie
>Excuse me, Ms. Commissar -- Am I your pupil or cadet? Stop putting words in
>my mouth and don't tell me what to fucking say. Stay the fuck out of my way
>and go play your parlor games with those who have time for such nonsense. In
>other words, fuck off.

filters. unproductive relationships over online crappola--filter them. if the filtered persona has a change of heart and becomes tolerable or you have reason to waste some time, you can read them when you feel like it.

otherwise...what's this, "fascism" is something that must be fought by "armed struggles by all people".

chip? is this true? if so, then we should rise up against ObL? I must be confused or readint the above wrong. help me out???!!!


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