The Beginning

kelley kwalker2 at
Sun Oct 7 23:23:05 PDT 2001

At 05:43 AM 10/8/01 +0000, Carl Remick wrote:
>>From: kelley <kwalker2 at>
>>I think it's a big mistake to want to recruit people to left ideas and
>>political practices out of weakness, out of confusion, out of a need for
>>order. That kind of situation makes for good soldiers. Indeed, that's how
>>they create obedient soldiers -- by creating chaos, by breaking all their
>>toys, by stripping their sense of individuality and leaving them with
>>nothing so that they want to be one with the group, to meld with them in
>>some sort of mystical consciousness... a WE.
>It's wrong to revel in blood flowing, but it's a mistake not to recognize
>that the only chance for basic social change occurs when masses of people
>have their illusions shaken to the core.

horseshit. social change does not occur when people's illusions are shaken to the core from fear, from having their basic social institutions smashed around them, from living in chaos and fear. i'd suggest that such conditions create a situation ripe for tyranny.

>I believe there is a growing popular suspicion that the apparent wealth
>and security wrought by the post-cold-war End of History were chimerical
>-- a doubt that is indeed leaving people weak, confused and desirous of
>order. Now that those feelings have come to the fore,

right, so the depressive marxists can strap on the jack boots and apply pressure. no thanks. it's like watching vultures circling over the dead.

>the left should not bewail that they exist but focus on how to address
>them; otherwise, the right will be entirely free to capitalize on these
>sentiments itself.

i read the words of vultures come to prey on the dead.

no, i want a left movement built from people who are strong. from people who recognize their strengths, not their weaknesses. from people who feel empowered, who feel confidant.

Freedom Summer was the "beginning" of a social movement that was built from a network created between people who started out with high ideals and aspirations. who believed their country was a wonderful, good place to live, but who recognized a sense of duty or obligations to others.

Those people built a social movement because they were strong, not because they were afraid and weak and looking for their leader.


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