Academics vs Running Around vs Due Activity was Re: WWP

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Oct 9 08:52:01 PDT 2001

Doug Henwood wrote:
> Steve Perry wrote:
> >right you are. the point's the same; fiddling while rome burns.
> So what should the fiddlers be doing instead (that they aren't doing
> already, that is)?

There is in some quarters altogether too little fiddling and too much dashing around frantically. This war, or this campaign in a bigger war, is (a) going to fizzle soon or (b) going to be [Chomsky's word] "awesome" or (c) going to be a more or less protracted affair which will both require and allow time for a lot of thinking, including the kind of thinking which some anti-fiddlers will scream at or (d) something else, which will also require a lot of the fiddling kind of thinking.

There are now (thanks to those sites mentioned by Yoshie, Kelley, & others) plenty of means of communicating information on and moving towards coordination of antiwar activity. Lists like LBO should be increasingly less concerned with Afghanistan and 9/11.

Discussion on such maillists as lbo of the antiwar effort should concern itself more with attempts at longrange thinking, and possible contexts in which the antiwar work can be carried on.

The "left" case for _supporting_ the war has been made in great and fatuous detail, and I suggest ignoring (not replying to) such posts.


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