Norwegian Demonstrations

Chris Burford cburford at
Tue Oct 9 15:56:17 PDT 2001


The Antiwar Network in Oslo called for a demo outside the Foreign Ministry at 1700 on Day X. The turnout was very good on the short notice. State TV NRK estimated 1500, old pessimist comrades est. 800. The truth is probably in-between there. Oslo has a pop. of 450,000, so it compares well with London's reported 1500-2000.

There were many from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine etc. present. Also many unorganized youth.

Speeches from an Afghanistani Refugee, Akthar Chaudry (Socialist Left councilman), Aslak Sira Myhre (chairman of Red Election Alliance), Pedro Caba (International Socialists), Kari Anne Moe (leader of Socialist Youth) and Jorunn Folkvord (Vice-leader of Workers' Communist Party).

The rally had three minutes silence for the victims in Afghanistan, the victims of NATO elsewhere and for the 40 000 children who die from this system every day.

Some union banners were there, Public Sector workers for example.

The rally proceeded to protest outside the American embassy, and shouted slogans in a very militant mood for a while.

No big trouble with the police, although they tried to take our collection boxes. We defended them and collected NOK 3200, approx. $400.

It was a good demonstration, but a bit dominated by the hard left.

There were demos in Stavanger (100), Krstiansand (200), Bergen (400) and Florø (20).


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