Desire for Justice in the Unjust World re: Doug: "Whuppass th ose mofos!"

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>Hi Seth,
>The analogy you present here isn't valid, in my opinion. The Palestinians
>are the victims of oppression, not terrorism. Their rights are being
>trampled by an oppressor with overwhelming military superiority. Should
>the Palestinians resist at all? Yes, certainly they should. Should they
>resist violently?
>This is a tough question. I've usually supported the non-violent
>resistance approach, but recently I've begun to question that position.

Well, rocks aren't really that much of a violent resistance, really. The palestinians are getting over on numbers and will, which civil disobedience is based on.

Eqbal Ahmed talks about how many times he and E Said tried to get PLO to see the usefulness of civil disobedience, and how criminally incompetent Arafat was, strategy-wise.

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