Anthrax letters

Shane Mage shmage at
Mon Oct 22 09:55:11 PDT 2001

Chip Berlet wrote:

>...Who is behind these anthrax letters?
>Nobody really knows
>Anyone who claims they know (as of Monday October 21 at 10pm) is just
>Here are possible suspects, and remember it is likely that at least two
>groups/individuals are involved:
>1) The Osama bin Laden networks
>2) Other Muslim or Arab terrorists
>3) Other pro-Muslim or pro-Arab terrorists
>4) Agents of an anti-US government
>5) Foreign terrorists who hate the US government but are not
>directly related to
>pro-Muslim or pro-Arab terrorists
>6) The militant anti-abortion wing of the Christian Right
> (likely in hoax letters to Planned Parenthood
> clinics, but very unlikely in other cases
> involving real anthrax)
>7) Patriot & militia movement members or followers
>8) The Extreme Right including neonazis
>9 One crazy person or several crazy people acting independently

You left out one (IMHO not the most unlikely) possibility: fascistic provocateurs within the US National Security State apparatus.

Shane Mage

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