Taliban apologetics

Gordon Fitch gcf at panix.com
Mon Oct 22 16:47:04 PDT 2001

dhenwood at panix.com writes:
> > Wow. ObL's pals in the Taliban hanged Communists for sport. Where's
> > the class struggle in that?

SergioL652 at aol.com:
> The site where I read this is a Spanish ultra-leftist site that named their
> 9-11 coverage "Jaque al Imperio" or Check to the Empire (as in Chess).
> However, Fidel Castro condemned the attacks and the bombing both. People
> posting to sites in Spanish that I have seen show sympathy for the victims of
> the attack, but they always mention how US foreign policy contributed to it.

The site has an interesting article by Naomi Klein, "La guerra de los oportunistas", which I haven't seen in English. http://www.rebelion.org/economia/klein181001.htm

Capital is running 9/11 mighty hard. Even with the choice fuel of several thousand lives, they may break it before long.

I don't suppose it will matter. One can view the terrorism as the last stage of a declining resistance. First, the expanding empire of Capital had to fight conventional wars against major foes and rebels: the Soviet Union, China, Nazi Germany, Japan. As these were defeated or pacified smaller guerrilla wars broke out. Gradually these, too, were cleaned up and the antagonists killed, brought around or otherwise neutralized. The final stage would be seemingly random, strategically disconnected outbursts of violence of a few isolated dissidents who would thereafter be hunted down and exterminated. The masses hate, but they seem effectively helpless against their overlords. There certainly has been no real _jaque_al_imperio_ as yet; and maybe things haven't changed much after all.

-- Gordon

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