Note to the "ladder of force left"

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Wed Oct 24 12:40:30 PDT 2001

. . . I wish I had a better grasp of the kind of political perspective that leads to Max's wild utopianism. Carrol

People usually take me for a gloomy gus, so it's nice to be thought of as little billy sunshine.

Tell me if you accept the following as a falsifiable proposition:

The widespread application of military force and the failure to grant any concessions on support for Israel, propping up the Saudi regime, etc. will fail to prevent further terrorism. Thus if there are no major, further acts of terrorism after the exercise of U.S. military force for a sufficient period (three months? next spring?), then you are wrong, I am right, and your notion of my 'wild utopianism' will require radical revision.



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