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Well Bill Gates is no longer officially a CEO but he is a professed atheist, who has publicly admitted as such on several occasions including an interview on one of David Frost's shows a few years back.

Jim F.

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> > "Religion is much more important to Americans than to people
> living in
> > other wealthy nations. Six-in-ten (59%) people in the U.S. say
> > religion plays a very important role in their lives."
> Stretching the US wealth to religion ratio - religion is integral to
> some
> major corporate fraudsters. Actually, I can't think of a single CEO
> of a
> major Fortune 500 company that is considered an atheist.
> Bernie Ebbers, ex-CEO of WorldCom, is a deacon and Sunday school
> teacher at a
> Baptist church in Brookhaven, Mississippi. He used to begin board
> meetings
> with a public prayer (?Dear Lord, thank you for the shareholders we
> are about
> to screw. Amen?). Stiles Kellett, Atlanta millionaire and former
> head of
> WorldCom's compensation committee (and recipient of $1 per year
> corporate jet
> usage) is an active church board member in Atlanta, a city where
> hundreds of
> laid off WorldCom employees remain unemployed.
> Billionaire Phillip Anschutz, former chairman (but still board
> member as
> chairman of the Anschutz Corporation) of Qwest and take-out king of
> the 90s,
> regularly attends his Evangelical Presbyterian church in Denver.
> Ken Lay was the son of a part time Baptist preacher. He's an active
> member of
> the First United Methodist church in Houston, where he was known
> 'for singing
> hymns in church' - and for the infamous quote 'I believe in God and
> I believe
> in free markets' that Doug's used to describe Lay in talks.
> Gary Winnick, chairman of Global Crossing, still receives praise
> from the LA
> Jewish Weekly, not least because of the millions he and wife Karen
> have
> donated to Jewish causes - apparently of higher moral stature than
> his
> business practices. His $25mln pledge (tucked away in an escrow
> account) to
> his workers who lost jobs, severance and retirement money has yet to
> hit
> anyone's pockets or come close to making up for their losses.
> Nomi

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