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NY POST 12.23.02


By DANIEL SCHIFF December 23, 2002 -- A dissident group of transit workers yesterday slammed the Transport Workers Union, saying that its leader, Roger Toussaint, bargained away too much to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Noel Acevedo, Local 100's third highest official, called for members to reject the proposed contract and force Toussaint to return to the bargaining table.

Acevedo attacked the repeal of the "no-layoff" clause, which, he said, has kept the MTA from taking action like firing token-booth workers no longer needed because of MetroCard machines.

Toussaint spokesman Dave Katzman yesterday downplayed the importance of the no-layoff clause, saying the new contract has a "worker protection" clause.

"The no-layoffs clause said that there can be no layoffs, even if the sky is falling. The worker-protection clause says that if the sky is falling, it leaves an opening for layoffs if everything else has been tried first," Katzman said.

The TWU's executive board approved the deal 31-9, with two abstentions. The dissident members claim that they weren't given a chance to fully study the contract's details.

"The contract was rammed down [the union's] throat," complained Vice Chairwoman Naomi Allen.

The 34,000 TWU members are expected to vote on the proposed contract within the next few weeks.

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