Fwd: Two articles on Homeland Security bill

Michael Pollak mpollak at panix.com
Fri Nov 15 15:18:34 PST 2002

On Fri, 15 Nov 2002, the Washington Post was quoted as saying:

> 'A supersnoop's dream'
> By Audrey Hudson
> Language tucked inside the Homeland Security bill will allow the
> federal government to track the e-mail, Internet use, travel,
> credit-card purchases, phone and bank records of foreigners and U.S.
> citizens in its hunt for terrorists.
> In what one critic has called "a supersnoop's dream,"

The one critic being Safire, starting yesterday. This is becoming like an annual thing, when a guy who for the other 50 weeks is the war monger in chief suddenly becomes the US point man in defense of civil liberties. Last November he was alone among establishment figures in leading the charge against military tribunals. (Which interestingly seem pretty much to have gotten scotched, de facto if not de jure.)


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