Bad guys and burdens of proof (Was H Rap Brown)

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Sun Nov 24 11:55:59 PST 2002

Bill Bartlett wrote:
>But if that's what you think should happen, then why (apart from professional
>reasons) do you think there is any need for a trial at all? Why not just
>let the police lock up whoever they see fit and save the expense of show

That's called pleading out, which is done in most cases here. Prosecutors and lawyers are still employed in the process, however. Mandatory minimum sentencing gives the prosecutor even more of an upper hand--plead to a lesser charge or go to trial on charges for which, if convicted, you'll get a mandatory minimum of 15 years? Lots of people figure, well, three years isn't that bad, I guess I'll plead guilty cause the alternative is so much worse. Plus, my lawyer is telling me to take the deal, so how much good will he/she be defending me in court? (few people get a jks as their esq)

If everyone demanded a trial the U.S. criminal justice system would be completely overwhelmed. Wanna stop the war on drugs? Everyone facing time on a drug charge refuse to plead guilty and demand a jury trial. [Screeeeeech.]

Jenny Brown

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