Did The Mossad Assassinate Martin Luther King?

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The American Free Press, is the successor publication to The Spotlight,the, "populist, " far right newspaper. "Revisionists, " here does not refer to Bernstein.

William Pepper was involved in the National Conference for a New Politics in '67 that Renata Adler skewered in her collection, "Towards a Radical Middle." Michael Pugliese




[Lawyer William Pepper has had no axe to grind with the Jews, until now. A

life-long leftist, in the 1960s he was one of the first people to publicize

the plight of children in Viet Nam maimed as a result of US operations.

Alongside Martin Luther King and Benjamin Spock (a Jew) Pepper set up an

initiative for a "civil-rights" oriented socialist political party in the

same era, and was an adviser, aide, fundraiser and friend of King. After

King's death the work of the Jewish fellow-leftist and lawyer Mark Lane (who

has fought for revisionists) convinced Pepper of a conspiracy in King's

assassination. Like Lane, he eventually represented the supposed assassin,

James Earl Ray, who Pepper was sure was innocent. He finally won a civil

suit that proved the existence of a conspiracy--a win that got nearly no

attention in the US press. So Pepper's expertise is top-notch, as is his

political pedigree, which would stop him putting pressure on the Zionists

unless he had reason to suspect them.]

 Did The Mossad Assassinate Martin Luther King?

New Book Says Revelations Indicate King Had Planned Anti-Zionist Turn

1/20/03 11:20:21 PM

American Free Press

Washington, DC -- Mossad Linked to Martin Luther King Assassination

Celebrations of the life of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. are not


to commemorate the remarkable revelations outlined in this AFP exclusive.

Exclusive to American Free Press

By Richard V. London

A key player in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. has been

linked to a key figure in the JFK assassination conspiracy.

Both, in turn, have been firmly connected to joint involvement in a U.S.-

based arms smuggling operation intimately tied to Israel's intelligence

service, the Mossad.

This revelation appears in a new book, An Act of State, by Dr. William F.

Pepper, which-unless something more explosive comes along-will probably be


last word on the subject of who killed King and why.

Based on Pepper's investigations in his longtime role as the attorney for

King's accused killer, James Earl Ray, An Act of State does not trumpet


Mossad connection by any means.

However, Pepper's circumspect reference to the Mossad is a lightning bolt

of recall to anyone who has already read longtime AFP correspondent


Collins Piper's best-seller, Final Judgment, the first book ever not only


document a Mossad role in the JFK affair but to also raise the likelihood


possible Israeli involvement in the King assassination.

Pepper's assertion involving the Mossad is based on statements made to one

of Pepper's investigators by former Colonel John Downie of the 902nd


Intelligence Group, a unit based inside the Department of Defense.

According to Downie, the mysterious figure "Raul"-whom King's accused

assassin, James Earl Ray, claimed had helped frame him (Ray) for King's


was part of a U.S.-based international arms smuggling operation

(operating, in

part, in Texas) that Pepper had already determined-through other sources-

involved Jack Ruby, the Dallas nightclub keeper who killed JFK's accused

assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

The link between "Raul" and Ruby was by no means tenuous: "Raul" and Ruby

were placed together by Pepper's sources on numerous occasions prior to


JFK assassination-five years before King's murder.

The smuggling operation utilized weapons stolen from U.S. Army bases and

armories which were delivered to the New Orleans-based Carlos Marcello

organized crime organization which, in turn, delivered those arms for sale


Latin and South America and elsewhere. The proceeds from the arms deals


reportedly split equally with the U.S. 902nd Military Intelligence Group


its cut for financing covert, off-budget, operations.

Here's the Mossad connection: Downie said that one of the individuals who

was a key player in this operation was "a senior Mossad agent working in


America who acted as a senior liaison to the U.S. military and CIA."

It appears Final Judgment has almost certainly pinpointed the identity of

the individual described by Pepper's source

In Final Judgment, Piper pointed out that the famous "umbrella man" who


photographed in Dealey Plaza in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963 bore a remarkable

resemblance to no less than the now-infamous (but then shadowy) longtime

Mossad figure, Michael Harari.

In 1963, Harari was in the field as a top Mossad's assassinations

specialist and would have assuredly been in Dallas if, as Piper contends,


Mossad was a prime player in the JFK conspiracy. In addition, the


record documents that-throughout his career-Harari was heavily involved in

Israeli intelligence operations in Mexico, South America and the


culminating in his later more widely-publicized role as the top advisor to

then-Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega who was ultimately topped in a



Was Harari, then, the "senior Mossad agent working in South America"

referenced by Pepper's U.S. military source? If not, it was certainly


Harari worked with.

That Jack Ruby-who was part of the Mossad-connected smuggling operation

uncovered by Pepper-had multiple Mossad and Israeli connections is no


to those who have read Final Judgment, which pointed out:

. That contrary to myth, Ruby was not a henchman for the Italian-

American "Mafia," but was, instead, a long-time key narcotics smuggling

functionary in the crime syndicate of mob chieftain and Israeli loyalist



. That Ruby bragged as far back as 1955-according to FBI files-that he had

been smuggling arms to Israel;

. That Luis Kutner, Ruby's longtime attorney-dating back to Ruby's earlier

years in Chicago-had deep-rooted intelligence connections and was a major

player in the pro-Israel lobby;

. That Al Lizanetz, a top henchman of Arizona crime boss Kemper Marley (a

well-paid front man for the Bronfman bootlegging family, early partners of

Meyer Lansky), had asserted that Ruby-operating in Texas-was also on the

Bronfman payroll;

. That the night before the JFK assassination Ruby met with a close


Lawrence Meyers, who had been connected to a firm linked by the FBI to


smuggling for Israel.

So although Ruby's Mossad ties have been buried by other writers on the


assassination, the details can be found in Final Judgment.

In fact, there are other strange Israeli connections swirling around the

King assassination that have received little attention.

vIn his earlier book on the King assassination, Orders to Kill,William


described the background of Canadian Eric Galt whose identity James Earl


adopted during his wide-ranging travels. Galt, it seems, ran a warehouse


housed a top secret munitions project funded by the CIA, the U.S. Naval

Surface Weapons Center, and the Army Electronics Research and Development

Command. The work involved the production and storage of 'proximity fuses'

used in surface-to-air missiles and artillery shells.

In August 1967, Pepper reported, Galt was "cooperating with another 902

[Military Intelligence Group] operation that involved the theft of some of

these proximity fuses and their covert delivery to Israel." According to

Pepper, he obtained "a confidential memorandum issued by the 902nd MIG on


October 1967 which confirms and discusses this operation, Project MEXPO,


was defined as a 'military material exploitation project of the Scientific


Technical Division (S&T) . . . in Israel.'"

So through means by which today still remain a mystery, the "patsy" in the

King assassination was using the identity of an individual who did have


to Israel and its "scientific and technical" research-which, of course,


in the direction of nuclear development. Note, likewise, that Galt was


to the "scientific and technical division" in Israel.

It is also a matter of record (but seldom mentioned) that prior to the


assassination, Ray had been given two numbers by his handler, "Raul," that

Raul indicated Ray might contact if necessary. Ray later determined that


one New Orleans number was that of the Laventhal Marine Supply company and


his little-mentioned, self-written early appeal of his conviction Ray


that "the resident listed in New Orleans was, among other things, an agent


a Mideast organization distressed because of King's reported, forthcoming,

before his death, public support of the Palestinian Arab cause." Of


Ray was referring to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith.

Later, when Ray testified before the House Assassinations Committee he

referred to this mystery number and commented, "I don't want to get into


libel area again and say something that might be embarrassing


some group or organizations . . . he [King] intended, like Vietnam, to


the Arab cause . . . someone in his organization making contact with the

Palestinians for an alliance." Again, Ray was obviously talking about King

taking a stand that would upset the ADL, although he was talking around


subject without stating it directly.

The fact that the ADL was targeting King surprised both many of King's

admirers and his detractors, particularly since King has often been


publicly by the ADL, particularly in its publications that are aimed at



The first public revelation that the ADL had been spying on King came in

the April 28, 1993 issue of The San Francisco Weekly--a liberal


journal--which reported:

During the civil rights movement, when many Jews were taking the lead in

fighting against racism, the ADL was spying on Martin Luther King and


on the information to J. Edgar Hoover, a former ADL employee said.

"It was common and casually accepted knowledge," said Henry Schwarzschild,

who worked in the publications department of the ADL between 1962 and


"They thought King was sort of a loose cannon," said Schwarzschild. "He


a Baptist preacher and nobody could be quite sure what he would do next.


ADL was very anxious about having an unguided missile out there."

In regard to the ADL, Pepper's new book lets drop another interesting

detail: it turns out the ADL was said to have maintained a large file


the ADL denied existed) on a certain General Henry Cobb who worked to


Pepper's efforts to exonerate James Earl Ray.

Pepper does not speculate as to why the ADL had this file on Cobb, but one

might conclude that the material could have been used to "convince" Cobb

to "cooperate" in the King assassination cover-up.

Pepper's thesis is that King's actual assassin-possibly a Memphis police

officer-was contracted for the hit through Frank Liberto, a wealthy


associate of the New Orleans-based Marcello crime family (itself a key

link in

the Israeli-connected Lansky crime syndicate) but that-even as the crime


being carried out-U.S. military snipers were on the scene, observing


and providing possible back-up should King survive the "civilian" assault.


book prevents a chilling and quite thoroughly documented scenario.


the obvious Israeli thread that runs throughout the scenario is not


that Pepper is likely to elaborate upon.

Whatever one's opinions of Martin Luther King, there is no question that


was intent upon expanding beyond his race-based "civil rights" ventures


the field of U.S. foreign policy-a definite problem indeed for the


be. It was precisely this that led to his assassination.



-- Michael Pugliese

"Without knowing that we knew nothing, we went on talking without listening to

each other. Sometimes we flattered and praised each other, understanding that

we would be flattered and praised in return. Other times we abused and shouted

at each other, as if we were in a madhouse." -Tolstoy

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