[lbo-talk] Richard Perle, democracy's mightiest champion, is not amused

Dwayne Monroe idoru345 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 18 13:03:45 PST 2004

Yes, the Spanish elections have caused much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments in certain quarters.

How could the citizens of Spain fail to do whatever it is Washington and its barbarian pundit horde of tubby men and too, too skinny blondes demand?

Perhaps chief amongst the horrified 'deep thought' set is Richard Perle, America's answer to a question no sensible person ever asked.

Just this morning, as part of an NPR segment on the "challenge" the election results pose to the Spanish-US alliance, I listened to a snippet of a speech Perle delivered in which he criticized the Spanish populace -- yes, millions of people -- for bailing on the existential war without end against a tactic anyone can employ at anytime or, as it's populary known in advertising circles, "The War Against Terrorism".

Of course, Spain isn't abandoning counter-terrorism but merely re-considering the benefits and costs of mindlessly helping Washington do whatever the hell it is Washington chooses to do.

I've noticed other allegedly conservative talkers (these people aren't really conservative in the classic sense are they?) aiming their flamethrowers at the Sapnish populace.

This tells us all we need to know about their opinion of democracy.


NPR story (audio capability required)


U.S.-Spanish Alliance Challenged

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