[lbo-talk] Does Trade With China Matter?

jjlassen at chinastudygroup.org jjlassen at chinastudygroup.org
Tue Mar 23 12:57:20 PST 2004

Doug wrote: "You mean becoming Luddites and organizing against tech change? Or in favor of better treatment of displaced workers?"

The Luddites were not against technical change. Just technical change that destroyed their livelihood. K. Sale's book and David Noble's work dispel this myth.

My argument would not just be about better treatment of displaced workers (but would include this), but also about who controls the pace and form of technical change and for what ends, but whoops, now we're getting into radical territory (radical as in goes to the root of the problem).

"Even the AFL-CIO's anaylsis only claims that trade with China accounts for a small portion of manufacturing jobs lost in the US.

Where do they claim this?"

blurb at: http://www.aflcio.org/issuespolitics/globaleconomy/key_elements_301.cfm

full text at: http://www.aflcio.org/issuespolitics/globaleconomy/upload/china_petition.pdf



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