[lbo-talk] Re: Three Quick Things

B. docile_body at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 15:34:00 PST 2004

B. wrote:

>I think at root the
>problem is slavish, worshipfulness of power, of
>being eager to associate themselves with what is
>and domineering.

Doug wrote: How about Trumps show being a hit, and the line Youre fired! achieving iconic pop culture status?

That just lends credence to what I said, doesnt it. I admit what I said was purely speculative, but it seems, as Wojtek said, a lot of sociological and literary evidence bears it out--that many are essentially worshipful of power, and prefer to associate with what is tough and domineering. Liberal when it comes to myself, conservative when it comes to others-type stuff.


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