[lbo-talk] A Modest Proposal

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Sun Mar 6 10:41:05 PST 2005

snitilicious at tampabay.rr.com snitilicious at tampabay.rr.com, Sat Mar 5 18:42:12 PST 2005:
>Eric Fromm made mention of some research to support this --though I
>can't recall the title at the mo'. I think it's spot on. Why does
>there have to be some _stage_ of life where we attend college anyway?

"The sons of wealthy men could afford to concentrate on preparing for college, begin as undergraduates in their mid-teens, and be ready to enter a profession before they were 20, but doctors and lawyers could also learn their trade by serving an extended apprenticeship, and many young men of more moderate means took this slower route into their careers" (Jack Larkin, "Historical Background on Growing Up in Early 19th-Century New England," <a href="http://www.osv.org/learning/DocumentViewer.php?DocID=1992">). Let youths skip middle school or high school or both and go to college directly and stay there longer if they want. College life, by most accounts (even those of students who are the least motivated to study), is far more pleasant than middle or high school life. :-> -- Yoshie

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