[lbo-talk] why do beautiful women marry ugly men?

joanna 123hop at comcast.net
Thu Aug 3 23:18:08 PDT 2006

Well, to quote an old Romanian proverb, for the umpteenth time:

"Men don't have to be handsome; they just have to be a little bit better looking than the devil."

What I personally find supremely attractive about men is their kindness and their (moral) courage.


stannard67 at aol.com wrote:

> Whatever the reason, I am very lucky that they do.
> stannard
> "All theory, dear friend, is gray, but the golden tree of life springs
> ever green."
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>Your argument, if correct, would mean there can be no
>selection for sex specific traits. This is
>implausible and indeed untrue. Thus women typically
>have bigger hips than men of comparable size, for
>obvious reason; They tend to be shorter, one could go
>on. The fact is that the way selection for "beauty" --
>features or characteristics that are attractive in a
>certain way (rather hard to even state, as centuries
>of puzzlement about aesthetics has shown) to potential
>sex partners would work is that organisms with
>particular sex-determining sets of chromosomes and
>other features would reproduce at higher rates than
>organisms with those sets of chromosomes that lack
>those features, and if the opposite sex (sorry about
>being boringly binary, Doug) benefited from the genes
>that were selected for the other sex, that would be
>merely incidental.
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>> On Thursday 03 August 2006 16:20, Doug Henwood
>> wrote:
>> > According to this news article, “Selection
>> pressure means when
>> > parents have traits they can pass on that are
>> better for boys than
>> > for girls, they are more likely to have boys. Such
>> traits include
>> > large size, strength and aggression, which might
>> help a man compete
>> > for mates. On the other hand, parents with
>> heritable traits that are
>> > more advantageous to girls are more likely to have
>> daughters.”
>> I'm baffled. How is this supposed to work,
>> genetically or epigenetically?
>> Dad's little swimmers are each carrying their X or Y
>> chromosome and
>> whatever beauty genes he may have contributed. Is
>> the presence of the
>> latter supposed to affect the presence of the
>> former? Or have Mom's
>> beauty genes somehow programmed Big Egg to turn away
>> the boy-making
>> swimmers?
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