Read the whole Bible before you criticize Genesis! (was Re: [lbo-talk] Solidarity for Sale: UNITE'S Garment Gulag)

John Lacny jlacny at
Sat Mar 11 05:45:42 PST 2006

Michael Hirsch:

> The discussion here has been about what is alleged to
> be in Fitch's book, not about his articles, "specious"
> or otherwise

Incorrect. I have formed my impressions of Fitch based on his articles, including the one where he claimed that home care workers aren't real workers. When I voiced doubts about the need to take him seriously based on those, I was told, "read the book." That doesn't make sense to me. David Horowitz is insisting that everyone read his screed "The Professors" before pointing out that he's a frothing-at-the-mouth, red-baiting lunatic; why should that be a requirement when there's plenty of evidence for it in his other published writings?

So that was my point.

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