[lbo-talk] How to explain things to (right-wing) libertarians

Chuck chuck at mutualaid.org
Thu Mar 29 22:51:06 PDT 2007

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Yeah Liza & I had a chat the other night with Nick Gillespie, editor
> of Reason. He's an earnest and thoughtful fellow who tried hard to
> find common ground with us. I couldn't imagine a chat with a Spart
> like that.

Jesse Walker, another editor at Reason, is a friend of mine.

I think that most list members could have some interesting conversation with him. He's been active in the micropower radio movement and wrote a book about historical radio pirates. He's very sympathetic to the anti-globalization movement.

I've been talking to various mutualists and anti-capitalist, free market libertarians lately. A bunch of them had a conference out in Provo, Utah two weeks ago, which was sponsored by Strike the Root. I gather that there is a movement afoot to organize these folks and to peel off the mainstream Libertarian Party types into a more radical anti-statist movement.


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