[lbo-talk] Rudy: he's nuts

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed May 2 10:54:22 PDT 2007

Doug Henwood wrote:
> The explanation for what makes Rudy so compelling among people who
> know him best—including New York reporters who've covered him for a
> generation, and political pros who've worked for him—is simpler: he
> is nuts, actually mad.

If these commentators wish to use the adverby "actually," then they should not use such empty slang terms as "nuts" and "mad." If they have any content, it is the generic term, "mental illness" -- but of what species? OCD? Bipolar? Borderline PD? Depression? Anxiety Disorder? Schizophrenia? AD/HD? Schizoaffective Disorder? It's probably not a useful perspective.


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