[lbo-talk] Iran before Ahmadinejad (was capital punishment in Iran)

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri May 4 18:15:49 PDT 2007

ravi wrote:
> Well, generally speaking, I understand and appreciate the
> significance of your posts including material you forward. But I am
> not sure what the purpose of the capital punishment in Iran post was.
> Can I read from your response above that the intention was primarily
> to target Yoshie?

I guess we have run up against a sort of hidden or implicit principle in the area of left decorum, best understood perhaps in terms of the citizens' demands in Coriolanus that he show his wounds before they will vote for him. It is o.k. to declare total support of any opponent of the u.s. PROVIDED that one go through the motions of showing one's proper liberal horror of whatever illiberal features that opponent exhibits. Yoshie must show her moral purity by condemning the warts in order to earn the right to assess Iran objectively (from a political rather perspective rather than that of moral purism). She must show her wounds -- i.e. her moral sensibilities.

Yoshie has violated this hidden rule of left decorum and turned all right-thinking people against her.

I wonder what's been going on in Albania recently.


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