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You are full of crap. I am not hypersensitive about "Southern honor," which I regard as a primitive relic; I have no loyalty to the region and if ever cross the Mason Dixon line again it will be too soon. I am not angry about your affronts to the South; if you recall, I said I thought there was something to Sherman's proposal to the liquidate the Southern aristocracy. I grew up during the civil rights era down there and saw the howling mobs of bigots. I think the star and bars is a symbol of evil. I incurred eternal hostility in Jr High School by pointing out that Lee, Jackson, Davis, were traitors who were lucky to escape with their lives. My first girlfriend was black, and would have been worth our lives to walk hand in hand on the VA side of the line in 1971. So don't tell me about the South. You don't know shit. What I find intriguely stupid about your view is it's selectivity. No response to my evidence of racism, violence, and since you mention it, backward education in the North. You want to try the Chicago or Detroit Public Schools? No response to the obvious point that Nisbett's point is not comparative. Your position is vile because it is mere prejudice underpinned by unjustified hatred and it is profoundly antisocialist. Having concluded that you are a fool and a bigot and are determined to remain so, I will now cease to communicate with you. You may have the last word.

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> >From: andie nachgeborenen
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> >
> >I studied with Nisbett, and respect his work, but
> >this show nothing _comparatively_ and isn't meant
> to.
> To the contrary, the abstract cited *begins* with a
> flat comparative
> statement, viz.:
> "The southern United States has long been known to
> be more violent than the
> northern United States."
> >... In any case, your
> >psychopathic hatred of and contempt for the South
> >cannot be bolstered by the sort of evidence you
> cite
> >.... You might not
> >want a white Southerner to marry your sister, and
> >apparently don't, but most people know enough to
> keep
> >their lips zipped about embarrassing attitudes like
> >that.
> I admire your courage in confirming the stereotype
> -- offering an impressive
> example of a hypersensitive Southerner incandescent
> with rage about an
> affront to regional "honor." What malarkey.
> Southerners so often want it both ways -- they go
> into a towering fury if
> anyone disses the region as anti-intellectual yet
> over the course of many
> generations the South has made little attempt to
> strengthen its poor public
> school systems. The South -- whose right to the
> title Bible Belt no one,
> including Southerners, disputes -- has been a prime
> purveyor of the
> fundamentalism that has had such a toxic effect on
> US public policy. The
> credulousness of True Believers represents the
> driving force, the Will to
> Ignorance, that has made the US a world
> laughingstock so often of late.
> >From rejection of evolution and embrace of
> "intelligent design" to
> willingness to accept the claims of
> divinely-inspired George Bush about
> Iraq's possession of WMDs despite no evidence at all
> -- Americans, with the
> South in the lead, show an ever increasing tendency
> to dismiss the rigors of
> reality and flee into a dreamland of simple faith.
> It's not as if the South's retrograde qualities are
> all rooted in the legacy
> of its agrarian and slave-owning past. The Southern
> writer I admire is
> Walker Percy, whose novels have many acid
> observations about the
> contemporary South's fevered and free-wheeling free
> enterprise. Consider
> Atlanta, the very model of a modern, forward-looking
> Southern metropolis,
> whose crass money-grubbing as host to the 1996
> Olympics awed the world and
> shamed the US.
> I will be happy to praise the South lavishly as soon
> as the states of the
> former Confederacy show national leadership in
> public education, public
> health, public housing, occupational safety,
> workers' rights, business
> regulation, progressive taxation, etc. And I will
> offer my heartiest
> commendations to Dixie if it ceases its worshipful
> attitude toward the armed
> forces, closes its many military bases and shows
> national leadership in
> promoting antiwar policies.
> But until then I will maintain a critical stance
> toward the South, a
> position that I expect will have little impact on
> day-to-day life in the
> region.
> Carl
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