[lbo-talk] Southern vs. Northern violence

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Mon May 7 11:19:46 PDT 2007

On May 7, 2007, at 1:45 PM, Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:

> I do not think so, upper classes are generally portrayed as strong
> and
> powerful, both physically and mentally, and only occasionally
> benevolent.
> The sissification is merely a populist caricature of the upper
> classes.

Well, yeah. You may have noticed that populism has deep roots in the U.S. Even our president, progeny of the Yankee elite, pretends he's a yahoo. There was a hilarious article in the NYT over the weekend about how W, who chews with his mouth open, was preparing for the state dinner for Queen Eliz. You can be sure that he didn't learn to chew with his mouth open in Kennebunkport or at Andover (even if Andover is no St Paul's).


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