[lbo-talk] Russia's Economy

ravi ravi at platosbeard.org
Wed May 9 15:47:45 PDT 2007

On 9 May, 2007, at 5:41 PM, Doug Henwood wrote (regarding Yoshie's prolific output):
> In your haste to compose 15 or 20 posts a day, ...

You are not doing so badly yourself, old chap:

- 18 posts (LBO+PEN-L) thus far today, and we are just getting started - 20 yesterday - 24+ the day before

And one of you is recently wedded and the other has a 1 year old child. If that isn't keeping you occupied, the weather is wonderful (perhaps also in Ohio)... at the least, we need to move these debates off-line. How about a duel in Central Park?

And I believe I am now over quota.... returning to the sulkers' corner....


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