[lbo-talk] who's more racist

Dwayne Monroe idoru345 at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 12:47:48 PDT 2007

Brian writes:

What is curious about a white person opposing racist discourse?

Dennis Claxton replies:

I don't think it's the opposition to racist discourse that makes it curious. It's the way the discussion itself is, or could be, teetering on participating in (pomo alert ahhhhh!) othering. Then there's the problem Carroll pointed out, that the discussion places too much emphasis on individual attitudes.



How could I object to white people opposing racism? Not being bat shit crazy, I don't.

I object to a discussion of which section of the US is most racist or has lynched the most blacks or firebombed the most houses...all of which strikes me as a go nowhere bit of weirdness troubled by this 'othering' Dennis brings up.

Ravi writes:

While my own experiences of racism are no doubt different from that of a black person, it is often racism indeed that I experience (humorous though it may be, involving such constructions and expletives as "sand-n-word", "arab", "hindu", etc).

Kidding aside, one of my earliest posts on this thread was to wonder how someone who personally faced the problem felt about the contrast (North vs South). I offered some tentative thoughts based on my experiences and that of my spouse (who has lived in Florida, while I have not lived in the South at all, but only visited).


Yup, of course you experience racism. When I said that the guys doing most of the talking were exempted from the business end of the problem, I wasn't referring to you. You weren't doing most of the talking.

Over limit so now, radio silence.


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