[lbo-talk] Housing bubble: Where has all the furniture gone?

Chuck chuck at mutualaid.org
Sun May 13 22:04:16 PDT 2007

Yesterday, our infoshop previewed our new expanded space as part of a neighborhood festival held on the same block. I had several interesting conversations with some local lefties.

One older guy let on that he is a socialist and does some handyman work for a living. He tells me that he's been doing work in some of the high-end mini-mansions here in Johnson County. These are houses which start at a half million and typically house professional athletes. He says that lately he's been seeing more of these houses sans furniture, but people are still living in the houses. Evidently the number of people trying to live the upper class lifestyle are finding themselves tapped out and worried about the decline in home values. They are selling furniture to stay afloat.


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