[lbo-talk] the audacity of rural life

Michael Pollak mpollak at panix.com
Tue May 15 19:25:37 PDT 2007

> Wisconsin Festival Sells Deep-Fried Testicles

They're better sauteed or boiled, actually. In that form, they taste kind of like gizzards.

But I don't see the big deal. Why is this more shocking than eating an animal's liver?

The remarkable thing about castrating bull calves is how little it seems to bug the calf. You castrate them with a pocket knife, and they jump right up and start posturing "You wanna a piece of me?" And if you're a boy, you can't help thinking, Boy, if that'd been me, I'd have taken it harder.

IMHO, it seems that if you'd be put off by anything, it would be the creation of steers in the first place -- which is an inescapable part of the beef raising process -- rather than eating the results. But if you're not repulsed by meat eating, I'm not sure I see why you'd be put off by this. (Except of course for the natural tendency we all have to hesitate at eating something new -- I took my Mom out for Mother's day to a Greek restaurant, and she refused to touch my calamari with basically the same attitude :o)


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