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An excellent example, which reached my inbox almost immediately after I hit "Send," of what Barnwell was talking about:


I particularly enjoyed the conclusion, "[s]o, he hated women, blacks, gays, jews, liberals, progressives, atheists, agnostics, foreigners, and anybody else who disagreed with him," which doesn't even attempt to substantiate itself. (And although I haven't yet found the numbers, I'll be very interested to see how the percentages of minorities and immigrants at Liberty University compare to those at Hudson's elite College of Charleston.)

Jerry Laymon Falwell Sr., August 11, 1933 – May 15, 2007: RIP. History will judge you, as it will the rest of us. May God have mercy on us all.

On 5/16/07, Joseph Catron <jncatron at gmail.com> wrote:

> I swear to whatever gods may be, this is the last article I'll post
> from the right for a while.
> ---------------------------
> by Bill Barnwell
> I was saddened yesterday morning to learn about the death of Jerry
> Falwell. Though I have been very critical of some of Falwell's
> political and theological positions, I nevertheless always considered
> him a fellow Christian and supported many of the objectives of his
> ministry. While I did not care at all for his dispensationalism, his
> hawkishness on foreign policy, and his apologetics for the Bush
> administration, Falwell did do a number of good things and his
> ministry helped out many hurting people. Whether you agreed or
> disagreed with him politically and/or theologically, it is completely
> unfair and ignorant to think that his large ministry did not do a
> great deal to help people over the years.
> I am always sad at any loss of life, especially when it is unexpected.
> Apparently, many others out in the blogosphere disagree with me on
> this point and are celebrating Falwell's sudden and unexpected death.
> When I heard the news, I immediately said to myself, "I bet some on
> the hard left think this is funny or are celebrating." And indeed a
> cursory blog search indicated this to be exactly the case.
> The comments I've read from anti-Falwell types have been disgusting
> and heartless. Celebrate the death of a man because you disagreed with
> some of his opinions and political activism? How humane. The most
> passionate anti-Falwell types hated him because he did not support
> homosexual behavior and because he was anti-abortion. This alone makes
> someone a hateful, worthless bigot according to the hard left. But
> let's just say for a moment that Falwell is a bad as these folks
> claim. How does celebrating his death and laughing about such a
> tragedy make his critics any better? In fact, it arguably makes them
> look much worse. For all the talk about Falwell being a hypocrite from
> these people, perhaps they should stick their own self-righteous faces
> in front of a mirror.
> I cannot recall a time I read about Falwell making statements where he
> laughed off or celebrated the death of a gay person. I can't remember
> a time where his writings celebrated when misfortune fell on someone
> from the pro-abortion community – even though his disagreements with
> their beliefs were just as passionate as their disagreements with his
> beliefs. Also, can't someone rest in peace for an hour before we start
> bringing up their shortcomings? Apparently not, based on the
> statements from some of Falwell's most fierce critics.
> Of course, in political debate, some folks on all sides of the
> spectrum are able to dehumanize anyone who disagrees with them.
> Therefore, who cares about the people close to Falwell, his family and
> friends who are grieving, and who cares about the loss of life?
> Ding-dong the bigot is dead. That's all that matters.
> The worldview of such people is to judge another's personal worth
> solely based upon whether they are for or against abortion, pro or
> anti gay rights, or whatever other hot button issue riles them up.
> While I think Falwell got some issues wrong, this does not make him a
> piece of dirt in regards to everything else. I'm quite sure I don't
> have it all together on everything either; and really, neither does
> anyone else for that matter. Therefore, we all should be careful about
> making blanket statements about a person's worth or intentions.
> Certainly many who are laughing off Falwell's death regularly pat
> themselves on the back for being so much more tolerant than the
> "Religious Reich." Many of Falwell's critics despised him because of
> his "hate" (hate being defined as opposing abortion and homosexual
> behavior). But how does acting like a hateful, intolerant crank show
> ones love and tolerance? Or does love and tolerance only extend to
> people who think and act just like they do?
> What are some of the nice words being posted around the web in
> remembrance of Falwell in the hours since he's passed? Here's a sample
> from this site:
> "You're pulling my leg! No wonder everyone is so happy and shiny
> faced today. I think we all should have lots of premarital (or in some
> other way offensive to him) sex to celebrate. Yes, I see no ill in
> celebrating the death of a man who has caused so much pain and
> suffering to others. Not in the least."
> "I had hoped the fat bastard would have pulled through and lived
> the rest of his life as a vegetable. Darn, there goes my veggie soup."
> "I think a stake through the heart would be appropriate... just to
> make sure..."
> "wow – this feels as good as the day Reagan died!"
> "We've been singing this great song in my office 'Somebody's
> burning in hell,
> Somebody's burning in hell!'"
> "Yeah – maybe if we're all nice and respectful and Xtian about it,
> the fundies will be impressed and like us. Burn in hell you fat
> hateful lying hypocrite pig!"
> There's dozens of other nice, tolerant, and loving memorials that can
> be read at that site. But how about hearing from the diversity
> celebrating folks over here on this page:
> "I hope he is gang-banged in Hell by Satan, Saddam, Hitler, and Liberace."
> "makes me want to sodomize as a tribute to him. now, if only I
> knew the sexual preferences of other gawker readers..."
> "So how soon is the funeral, and where? Some serious grave-dancing
> is in order, here."
> "Our Father which art in heaven, please let Pat Robertson be next!!"
> I could go on and highlight posts from plenty of other blogs, but I
> think you get the point. If these individuals want to act so
> uncivilized and uncaring, then they certainly have the right to think
> and say whatever they want, no matter how nasty it might be. But if
> they make the claim that they are more loving, kind and tolerant than
> Falwell, or really just loving, kind and tolerant in general, then
> they should stop lying to themselves. They ought to just admit that
> they are as uncaring and nasty as the next rigid ideological
> extremist.
> The militant hard-left should stop pretending that it celebrates
> diversity and cares about all people. Individuals who make up this
> movement actually only tolerate and celebrate other people who think
> and act just like they do. Once you deviate from the party line, you
> become a worthless human being. And if we've learned anything from the
> passing of Jerry Falwell, it's apparently a good thing if you die.
> Celebrate Diversity.
> http://www.lewrockwell.com/barnwell/barnwell80.html

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