[lbo-talk] LATIN AMERICA: For a Day against Homophobia

Chris Doss lookoverhere1 at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 13:10:19 PDT 2007

If there have been ZERO homophobic murders in Cuba, I will be amazed.

--- Dennis Claxton <ddclaxton at earthlink.net> wrote:

> >
> >Do you know of a case that proves it wrong?
> >--
> >Yoshie
> Should I assume from this that you have no evidence
> it's true? If
> you don't know something like "no homophobic murders
> were committed
> in Cuba in x time" is true, what purpose is served
> by claiming it?
> The fallacy of appealing to lack of proof of the
> negative is a
> logical fallacy of the following form:
> "X is true because there is no proof that X is
> false."
> It is asserted that a proposition is true, only
> because it has not
> been proven false. The negative proof fallacy often
> occurs in the
> debate of the existence of supernatural phenomena,
> in the following form:
> "A supernatural force must exist, because there is
> no proof that it
> does not exist".
> However, the fallacy can also occur when the
> predicate of a subject is denied:
> "A supernatural force does not exist, because there
> is no proof that
> it does exist.".
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