[lbo-talk] Nathan Newman quoted on UnionFacts.com!!!!

Mr. WD mister.wd at gmail.com
Wed May 23 23:04:58 PDT 2007

> Unions are, especially once they become national in scope, bureaucracies, big big machines that > require some kind of means to attract skilled leaders, right? 258 K is pretty poor show in the
> business world, so it's not like there's some equivalency with the target of union activity [i.e. the
> investor class] that would be a problem here. If one looked at his average wages over his lifetime,
> it's probably not consistent with the wage he receives as the head of the union now.

While part of me agrees with your point, what about unions like UE, where -- if I'm not mistaken -- the union president is only allowed to make as much as the highest-paid member? Now, UE is nowhere near as big as SEIU, but they also have a far better reputation when it comes to union democracy and so forth. Why must we assume that a well-run union has to be ruled over by some well-paid Ivy Leaguer?


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