[lbo-talk] A. Cockburn's latest lunacy

Carl Remick carlremick at hotmail.com
Thu May 24 17:54:02 PDT 2007

>From: Dwayne Monroe <idoru345 at yahoo.com>
>Which brings me back to Mr. Cockburn.
>He uses the phrase "computer modelers" as if he's
>writing about a group of people attending a Nintendo
>Wii party. Of course, the fact that these "computer
>modelers" are, in fact, scientists - indeed, most of
>the scientists in the climate science field - is a
>minor point for Ace.

Yes, I love the way Cockburn contrasts himself -- a hands-on, front-line, action guy who is the veritable Indiana Jones of climatologists -- with the lazy-ass, armchair weather-watchers who are so dependent on effete tools like computers, viz.:

"I had hoped to deal with criticisms at the end of the series. I have changed my plans, since committed greenhousers like George Monbiot charge that I have ignored their rebukes. In actual fact I was offline, in Russia, flying thither over the Arctic and thus able to make a direct review of the ice cap. So wait a couple of weeks for my next column before you critics let fly again."

Wow! Ace reporter Ace, on the scene, "flying thither over the Arctic and thus able to make a direct review of the ice cap." I can't wait for Cockburn's return, er, hither so I can learn what arctic secrets his eagle eye aloft has espied that remain hidden to the benighted computer modelers.


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