[lbo-talk] Regime Change and Paranoid Reaction

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Fri May 25 02:06:39 PDT 2007

This should be abc. Mike is sitting in the USA which is currently whipping up a chauvinistic campaign against Iran, ostensibly because of its nuclear programme. Iran is attempting to assert its right to national independence from US/western hegemony. This independence is asserted in nationalist and religious terms and the right to have its own nuclear programme (which Mike and many of us might no doubt find objectionable and repressive). But the right to national self-determination surely implies that individual countries have the right to determine their own internal practices. It's surely for Iranians to sort these out amongst themselves?

Mike says he's for workers freeing themselves from class rule. In the USA here and now, that surely means distancing themselves from the establishment's anti-Iran campaign? Is it not clear in this regard that it's not particularly useful at the height of anti-Iran propaganda at home in the US to *equate* the problems of Iranian nationalism with those of American nationalism? It's not 'the same the whole world over': clearly Iran is nowhere near the threat to world peace that the US currently represents. Equating the two will only add fuel to the US chauvinist flames rather than build popular defence of Iranians' (and everyone else's) right to run their country as they see fit. Harping on about the backwardness of Iran is hardly likely to help build a movement in the US opposing US intervention there.

This argument is of course predicated on the notion that the USA and Iran are not both countries of a similar status (and representing an equal threat) on a world scale, or as some of us used to say: the World is divided into oppressed and oppressor nations.

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MB: It's in the interest of workers who live in the miserable State of theocratic Iran to free themselves from class rule. It was so when they lived under the heel of the Shah and it is now when they live under the rule of the theocrats. It is in the interest of workers who live in North America to free themselves from wage-labour and by extension, class rule. It is in no worker's interests to become a nationalist cheerleader for their own or any other workers' ruling class.

Mike B)

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