[lbo-talk] 1/3 of Americans believe Bible is literally true

joanna 123hop at comcast.net
Fri May 25 15:04:02 PDT 2007

>The inverse correlation between education (by which I am sure is
>implied formal education) and bible belief is explained naturally by
>the above, considering the fact that it is during the process of
>formal education that the criteria of consistency, proof etc in
>belief formation are emphasised, over other things.
Depend on what education consists in. When I was teaching at U.C. Berkeley, I assigned a paper that had to do with critiquing an essay...I forget by whom. Maybe Haldane....

Anyway, one Chinese female student wrote me a note saying she couldn't do the paper because the essay was printed, and everything that was in print was true.

It had gotten the imprimatur you see. To many people (some scientists and academics included) what is true is more or less the same with what is blessed by authority. Consistency, proof, inference,....the way we build "knowledge" and determine truth...is not necessarily something that all students are aware of. Think about software and the huge spectrum covered by "testing."



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