[lbo-talk] Memorial Day

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at rawbw.com
Tue May 29 08:08:47 PDT 2007

``Even if a prosecution didn't hold up in the end, it would tie up the ACLU and the NLG in litigation, using our scarce resources unnecessarily...''


Well, I am sober this morning so don't worry.

But you should consider what happened to many US Attorney offices in the old draft resistance days. As thousands of kids burned their draft cards, filed CO's and/or refused induction, the FBI and the federal legal system charged with prosecuting these crimes got jammed up. The new case loads out here in region nine were running thirteen hundred a month at the peak in about 1968-69.

Since they couldn't possibly arrest or try that many people, they finally got smart and started narrowing it down to high profile people like David Harris (Joan Baez's former husband, also later a journalist) who refused induction the same day, same place as I did. The much less infamous CG had to wade through Harris's support demonstration to get into the induction center. They did offer me wine and a joint, but I was never a morning drinker.

I wrote plenty of anti-war stuff, anti-military stuff, rants on philosophy, history, society and sent it all to the draft board where it ended up in my file. I figured at least some prosecutor's assistant would have to read it some day. It was about three hundred pages. I still have copies of some of it somewhere...

Probably nobody ever read it, or at least didn't get through it, since the US Attorney returned the case to the draft board which promptly re-classified me 1-A and tried to draft me all over again...


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