[lbo-talk] Memorial Day

Carl Remick carlremick at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 08:57:02 PDT 2007

>From: Chuck <chuck at mutualaid.org>
>Doug Henwood wrote:
> > I really don't know whether that sort of speech is a crime, but if it
> > is, there's a possibility that Jordan and I could be liable for
> > hosting it. So no advocacy of violence on this list. Streng verboten.
> > I hate being a censor but this is the legal environment we live in.
>This is ridiculous. I'll leave this list if you adopt this policy.

Now, now. All of life is a matter of accommodation. And while this isn't the Land of the Free, it is the Home of the Graves -- we're all entitled to go and weep (silently) at the gravesite of the US imperialism victim of our choice.

O tempora! O temporization!


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