[lbo-talk] dev'ts in world economy and foreign ownership

tfast tfast at yorku.ca
Wed May 30 11:15:18 PDT 2007

Not to mention that the anglo (Canada, British, Australian, New Zealand SA) centre and left were against the invasion and occupation from the start. The real issue is that the right was a narrow majority in the US. Add to that patriotism, and fear of repression and you get what seems like an overwhelming moral majority.

> Yoshie, I'm not sure I get this. You're saying that the vast majority of
> leftists were for the iraq war till recently. But during the runup to the
> invasion, and ever since then, I've spent a ton of time on anti-war
> activism, when possible; marched in by now two dozen demos. Many
> of other people were marching too. I kind of think that those people were
> against what we were doing in Iraq. Certainly its true that majority
> opinion in the US has been pretty reprehensible on Iraq, only turning from
> it now and on mostly fucked up grounds. But to extend that to the left?
> don't get it. Most of my friends are on the left, and almost all of them
> have been of the opinion 'out now' throughout. I have only one friend who
> equivocated for awhile during the post-invasion occupation; a social
> democrat who's alaways been of mediocre caliber on issues of imperialism,
> was a major issue of great rancor between him and I and many of his
> as well.
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