[lbo-talk] further evidence of Obama's bogosity

Marta Russell ap888 at lafn.org
Sun Jan 6 12:18:26 PST 2008

On Jan 6, 2008, at 10:29 AM, Shane Mage wrote:

> Ach, so! Last nite, during a break in the far more interesting
> Jaguar-
> Steeler
> debate, I took a glimpse at the Dumbocrats in New Hampshire. There
> was
> the Radical Populist Mr. Edwards bloviating (a word coined by a
> greatly
> misunderestimated statesman, Warren Harding) about what a great model
> fighter for the People was Teddy Roosevelt, that arch-chauvinist
> ultraimperialist Nobelist. That screaming sound from behind the TV
> must
> have been the bogometer destroying itself in a fit of ultimate
> despair.
> Shane Mage
> Remember the Maine/Lusitania/Pearl Harbor/Tonkin Gulf/9-11

And it was Kermit Roosevelt, Teddy's son, who brought down the democratic government in Iran when he was working for the CIA by creating chaos through his channels. And we know what happened then -- the Shah.


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